Citizen Data for  Policy Action and Advocacy on Social Issues



As an online data portal deployed during the wake of COVID-19, Bush Tinker  developed Gap Tracker, a data collection and analysis online platform dedicated to support stakeholders better respond to COVID-19 response gaps by making informed decision using citizen aggregated data.


Our work during the heat of COVID-19 in Sierra Leone revealed the power of data in informing decision-makers to take evidence-based community interventions on COVID-19 response. Given the everyday social and economic challenges faced by citizens, Gap Tracker SL is now dedicated to collect data on local community needs and use the information for evidence based community-centered intervention.  Our work is designed to be open to public consumption. We are particular and intentional about sharing our findings from citizen data  with the public, government and non-government actors, Civil Society Organizations, and all other relevant stakeholders  for prompt policy action and advocacy.

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